Ninety-two jobs at risk in Dayton Government Schools

Posted by DarthDilbert at 4/24/2010 11:49:00 AM

Dayton [Government] Schools could cut 92 positions, 47 from the teaching staff, at the end of the school year under a plan to avoid a $6.3 million deficit in the district’s budget next year.

[Indoctrination Czar] Kurt Stanic said his plan, which is scheduled for a Dayton Board of Education vote May 4, is necessary to offset property tax revenue that has declined by $12 million since 2007 because of high rates of unemployment and home foreclosures.

"People who live in our community don’t have any money and when given the choice between paying their taxes and eating, they’re going to eat," Stanic told the school board Tuesday evening, April 20.

The cuts include nine administrators, seven clerks, nine teacher aides and 20 custodians but no principals or assistant principals. Thirty-five positions will be eliminated through attrition; 26 of those are from the teaching staff.

"It’s bad," said Pat Lynch, the teachers union president. "These are people who worked hard for the district and now they don’t have a job."

Good riddance. There is also a report from Cleveland that hundreds of indoctrinators including principals to lose jobs in their district.

Reason # to homeschool.

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