Yes, Martin Gottlieb, the American people are really against Obamacare

Posted by DarthDilbert at 3/18/2010 12:17:00 AM

Not only are the American people opposed to Obamacare, but American taxpayers are as well. Seeing as how little things like facts are alien to you and your fellow Komrades at the DDN, allow me to educate you.

A poll conducted by the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest Advance (CMPI-A) found that:

• Six in ten Americans (60%) agree that a current democRAT proposal to send the Senate health care bill to the president without voting up or down on it is "unfair."

• Most Americans oppose (81%) health care reforms that would increase insurance premiums for healthy people to offset premiums of people who wait until they are diagnosed with an illness to purchase insurance.

• Eight Americans in ten (81%) oppose allowing the government to decide what kind of health care coverage Americans are able to purchase.

• Most Americans (87%) oppose having a government panel recommend or decide what medical procedures or medical advances your doctor or health plan can or cannot use.

• More than eight Americans in ten (84%) support reforms that would allow people to buy health insurance where it is the least expensive, such as across state lines.

• Three in four Americans (76%) oppose health care reforms that would raise taxes and cut Medicare benefits to pay for health care subsidies for expanded coverage for those currently insured.

• Eight Americans in ten (78%) support health care reforms that would let people buy less costly health plans and save and invest for health care needs in the future on a tax-free basis.

• Half of Americans (51%) oppose health care reforms that would let people lock-in premiums by paying more for their insurance.

• Most Americans (85%) support health care reforms that would let people get lower premiums for getting or staying healthy.

• Eight Americans in ten (82%) support the idea that more money should be invested in the development of cures for the most devastating diseases.

Still not convinced Marty? How do you explain the multitudes of patriots who went to DC on 12 September 2009? What about the 8,000 patriots who assembled at Courthouse Square in Dayton on 15 April 2009? What about the 5,000 patriots who attended the rally at Golden Gate Park in Brookville on 3 July 2009? Among the many things they were opposed to was, and is, Obamacare.

From 27-28 June 2009 until 13-14 March 2010, Rasmussen Reports have conducted thirty-nine polls asking Americans about the health care plan proposed by Obambi and congressional democRATs. In their latest poll 53% of those polled oppose Obamacare while only 43% were in favor of it. If you extrapolate the numbers to the US population this means that approximately 163,710,000 Americans oppose Obamacare.

Yesterday, enough people called in to Congress to voice their opposition to Obamacare that it overloaded their phone system and their email servers suffered a "very significant spike" in traffic.

Marty, I'll give you a pass. It's ok that you didn't know. Maybe Algore's interweb will find it's way over to Sunray Road in Kettering sometime in the near future. Because, you know, "everybody says it" will someday.

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