Jim Jordan and Seth Morgan to address Kettering Liberty Group

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Press Release --

Kettering, OH, March 22 -- U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan and Ohio Representative Seth Morgan will address the monthly meeting of the Kettering Liberty Group on April 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the Van Buren Middle School auditorium (3775 Shroyer Road).

Congressman Jordan represents Ohio’s 4th congressional district (North and West Central Ohio) and will address "Getting Control of the Federal Budget". Representative Morgan (Ohio 36th district in Northern Montgomery County) will talk about "Open Government in Ohio".

According to Kettering Liberty Group coordinator Eric Weber, each speaker will talk for 10 minutes and take questions from the audience for 10-15 minutes. "This informal format has worked very well with past speakers and we’ve had very informative meetings," he said.

"We welcome public attendance," Mr. Weber added, "And we’re particularly interested in having high school and college students attend. It’s a great opportunity for them to get involved in the process that is creating the kind of society in which they will be spending their lives."

The Kettering Liberty Group is one of 19 other local liberty groups affiliated with the Dayton Tea Party movement, which began in early 2009, as a means for citizens to promote free markets, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and respect for the Constitution.

The primary mission of the Kettering Liberty Group is educational, with a focus on promoting greater citizen awareness and participation in the political process. Current instructional efforts include a 12-week study course on the U.S. Constitution. To familiarize citizens with the federal legislative process, a team of members (www.wethepeopleundergod.com) conduct monthly bus trips to Washington, D.C., to meet with elected officials.

KLG members also attend local city government and school board meetings and are involved in the statewide ballot initiative to eliminate the Ohio Estate Tax (www.endohioestatetax.com).

Speakers at past meetings of the Kettering Liberty Group have included State Senator Jon Husted, Michael Maurer of the Ohio Citizens' Accounting Standards Board, and Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith.

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