Dating protection bill approved by Ohio Senate

Posted by DarthDilbert at 3/11/2010 05:38:00 PM

Ohio Senators have unanimously passed a House bill that would allow juvenile courts to issue protection orders for minors in dating relationships.

The Ohio House of Representatives is expected to concur Wednesday. The legislation would then go to Gov. Ted Strickland, who is expected to sign it.

The bill was inspired in part by the plight of Cleveland teen Johanna Orozco, who was shot in the face by her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend in 2007 has had numerous operations. Orozco wanted to get a protection order, but Ohio juvenile courts cannot issue them against minors.

An advocacy group said in a national survey last year that only a handful of states have laws enabling minors the same protection order rights as adults.

I'm saddened that this type of legislation is necessary today. If it were my daughter, I wouldn't call the police to deal with a piece of trash like Juan Ruiz, I would contact the coroner, and not lose a moment of sleep.



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