Catholic priest apologizes for joking that marriage is not for "Adam and Steve"

Posted by DarthDilbert at 3/11/2010 05:34:00 PM

A Catholic priest has apologized for joking during a sermon that true marriage can only be between Adam and Eve - not "Adam and Steve". Reverend Frank Wainwright, 48, a Deacon at St Gregory's Church in Cheltenham, Glos., made the controversial comment during a Sunday service. He was preaching on the theme of marriage when he claimed that same-sex civil partnerships are not considered as marriage by the Catholic church.

But his "flippant joke" sparked five complaints from his congregation and has been branded as homophobic by gay and lesbian rights groups. Rev Frank Wainwright, who lives in Cheltenham, Glos., apologized for causing any offense and claimed he is not "homophobic".

The Lavender Mafia strikes again.

The Daily Telegraph (UK)


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