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Posted by DarthDilbert at 3/09/2010 01:07:00 PM

From an email:
Recently, one of our local political leaders, conservative Seth Morgan, declared his candidacy for the office of Ohio State Auditor. This was great news for conservatives, because another fine man, Dave Yost, was also running for a state-wide position, Ohio Attorney General. However, neither of these two men counted on the fact that former US Senator Mike Dewine wanted to run or the Attorney General position as well, meaning that he'd have to beat Mr. Yost for the nomination. We don't have all the details, but something very strange has happened. Mr. Yost was persuaded (pressured?), although he is an attorney by profession, and better suited to run for a legal position, to switch races. You guessed it--- he's now running against Seth Morgan, who's a CPA, for the State Auditor spot. This leaves Dewine unopposed in the primary. Oh, I left out one little detail. The head of the Ohio Republican Party, the man who carried out this ridiculous scheme, is none other than Mike Dewine's cousin, Kevin Dewine!

Now, instead of two conservatives runnning in separate races, we have them pitted against each other for the same position, just so Mike Dewine can have a smooth pathway to his political rebirth. If you feel this is a sorry, sleazy backroom deal here in our very own state, you'd be correct.

What can you do about it? Well, until recently, there wasn't much you could do, but that's changed. Disgusted with this backroom dealing, another conservative, Steve Christopher of Hardin County, has decided to run against Dewine for the Republican nomination to run for Ohio Attorney General. Christopher shares your values, and feels that Ohioans deserve a conservative choice for this position, other than retread former Senator Mike Dewine. It's an uphill climb, but it's definitely worth the effort, you'll agree.

Here's where you come in. I need your help immediately!!

Christopher needs 1000 signatures by Tuesday, and I'm collecting as many as I can get tomorrow night (Sunday). There's no time to go door to door to gather the needed signatures, so we're having a little petition party Sunday night!

Please meet me at the Starbucks on Rt. 48 (near Kroger and Elder Beerman, etc.) to sign the nominating petition. It'll take you just a minute, but it's really important. I'll be there from 7:30 - 9:00PM Sunday night.

This is your chance to send a message to the power brokers that we don't like their manipulative deals! If you'd like to learn more about Mr. Christopher, here's a link that will help you get more information about this patriot, including a video of him speaking about the Constitution. This is all happening so very quickly--- his website isn't up yet, but will be shortly. At this point, our main objective is to meet a filing deadline to get Steve Christopher on the primary ballot in March.

Will you please take a moment to join me at Starbucks to sign the petition? Our fellow Ohioans are counting on us!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight!

I'll be there to sign, will you?

Update: 9 March 2010 / 1:07PM
After reading this article and several others similar to this I called the Secretary of States office this morning who referred me to the Montgomery County Board of Elections. There I spoke with Betty Smith who said that neither my signature nor that of my wife was ruled as valid on the petition. When I asked how many signatures were ruled valid for Montgomery County she answered that they had received four signatures, and only three of them were valid.

I urge everyone who signed a petition for Steve Christopher to contact their board of elections to find out if their signature was ruled valid or invalid and then forward that information to info@stevechristopher.org



Dear Darth,
Thanks to the efforts of you and many other likeminded Ohioans, Steve had over 3,000 signatures collected in just seven days! For those who haven't heard about Steve, here is a blog entry from the Buckeye Firearms Association's website: http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/node/7115 . Steve is now on Facebook (Steve Christopher for Ohio Attorney General), and his website will be up in a day or so. Thank you for your kind words about a really great conservative candidate for Ohio.
Jill Christopher

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