Send a Leadership Lemon to the Ohio Republican Party

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/16/2010 04:40:00 PM

From my friend King:
It's time to put the "squeeze" on the Lemon-like Leaders of the Ohio Republican Party!

In the spirit of Paul Revere, join us in delivering the message that we our tired of their lemon-like leadership by sending a personalized "Leadership Lemon" to Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine and the sour leaders currently on the ORP State Central Committee.

The Definition of a Lemon
In American English the word lemon was first recorded in 1909 in the slang sense of "worthless thing." Over time, 'lemon' came to refer to anything that was defective or broken or which breaks constantly.

On a date and time to be announced, your personalized LEADERSHIP LEMON, along with those sent by thousands of other concerned Americans, will be hand delivered by Tea Party Patriots faithful in Ohio to the ORP Headquarters.

When Tea Parties and 9.12 group led truckloads of LEADERSHIP LEMON's arrive at the offices of these self-serving , LEMON- like party leaders... things are sure to get a little sticky for the sour bunch on the State Central Committee too!

Send a Leadership Lemon to the Ohio Republican Party

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots


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