Ohio House Bill 371 -- Parental rights under attack in Ohio

Posted by DarthDilbert at 1/22/2010 02:44:00 PM

HB 371 [summary of the bill] would repeal the terms "abused", "neglected", and "dependent" children in major sections of Ohio’s civil code and create a new category - "a child in need of protective services" This shift in core terms in state law will affect every Ohio family with minor children, because it will clearly broaden the net cast by child protective service agencies to justify an increase in the state’s intervention into the home.

Proposed R.C. 2151.03 defines a "child in need of protective services" to be one in which ONE act or omission of a parent (or guardian / legal custodian) results in the occurrence of ONE of the following: physical harm, sexual harm, emotional harm, exposure to substance misuse (not substance abuse), lacking necessary healthcare, lacking a legally required education, lacking necessary care or supervision. It is the definition of such terms that should cause every family to be concerned. (pp. 56-58)

Beyond the fact that the definition of "physical harm" includes a reference to "corporal punishment" (spanking), it is important to consider these categories in the context of what has traditionally been understood to be abuse and neglect in comparison to what would clearly be understood to be the imperfections and uncertainties of normal parenting in typical families (i.e. childhood accidents).

Please contact your State Representative and ask him or her to vote NO on HB 371 should it come to the House floor. Let him or her know you support laws that protect children from real abuse and neglect, but do not support changing the system to give unlimited state access into our homes.

It was introduced by State Representatives Connie Pillich (D - 28) and Robin Belcher (D - 10) with State Representatives Ron Amstutz (R - 3), Kevin Bacon (R - 21), Linda S. Bolon (D - 1), Barbara Boyd (D - 9), Ted Celeste (D - 24), Kathleen Chandler (D - 68), Courtney Eric Combs (R - 54), Timothy J. DeGeeter (D - 15), John Domenick (D - 95), Lorraine M. Fende (D - 62), Mike Foley (D - 14), Nancy Garland (D - 20), Robert Hackett (R - 84), Robert F. Hagan (D - 60), Marian Harris (D - 19), Tom Letson (D - 64), Dennis Murray (D - 80), Deborah Newcomb (D - 99), Mark D. Okey (D - 61), Matt Patten (D - 18), Debbie Phillips (D - 92), Michael Skindell (D - 13), Peter S. Ujvagi (D - 47), Jeff Wagner (R - 81), W. Carlton Weddington (D - 27), Brian G. Williams (D - 41), Sandra Williams (D - 11), and Kenny Yuko (D - 7) listed as co-sponsors.

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