Miami Valley government schools seeking one-year delay on all-day kindergarten

Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/14/2009 11:46:00 AM

The cost — about $205 million statewide — would fall to local school districts, not the state, Baker noted. That's why Springboro and most of the 206 school districts around the state that don’t have all-day kindergarten will seek a one-year waiver, delaying the mandate until the fall of 2011, according to a survey conducted by the Ohio Department of Education.

An analysis of the chart provided by DDN shows a wide range of costs. When you compare districts with a similar number of students the difference in costs between the two districts is hard to explain.

Valley View has 124 kindergarten students at a total cost of $303,050 for an average of $2,443.95 per student while the People's Republic of Oakwood has 123 (that's one less for the math-impaired) students at a total cost of $632,886 for an average of $5,145.41. This is a difference of $2,701.46 per student, and yet these government school indoctrinators still complain they don't have enough money.

Reason # to homeschool.

Dayton Daily News


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