Government school indoctrinator fired from Clark-Shawnee Government School District

Posted by DarthDilbert at 11/09/2009 08:46:00 PM

A teacher with the Clark-Shawnee [Government] School District in Clark County was fired after a referee appointed by the Ohio Board Of Education reported that the teacher acted inappropriately with female students.

On Sunday, school board members voted unanimously to terminate the contract of 35-year-old Dennis Dahlberg. He submitted a letter of resignation, but it was rejected by the board.

Board members went along with the recommendations that were presented by the referee, John Butz, who was appointed by the Ohio Department of Education. The recommendation was based on hundreds of pages of testimony that was given by witnesses.

The resolution stated that Dahlberg's "conduct (with students) was hostile to the welfare of the school community." It was grounds for termination.

One female student reported in May 2008 that she was sent unwanted text messages by Dahlberg. Another female reported in December that she was directed sexually charged questions twice during class by Dahlberg.

A third student also reported that Dahlberg inappropriately touched her on the back during class.

Dennis Dahlberg is reason # to homeschool.



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