Return of the Conservatives - List of endorsements: Fall 2009 edition

Posted by DarthDilbert at 10/27/2009 01:43:00 AM

Dayton City Commissioner
David Esrati

Mayor (Dayton, Ohio)
Gary Leitzell

Kettering City Council
Ashley Webb

State Issues
Issue 1 -- Proposed Constitutional Amendment to authorize the state to issue bonds to provide compensation to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts - State of Ohio
If the State of Ohio was operating on a budgetary surplus I could understand the argument of those in favor of the issue wishing to distribute approximately $200 million in state funds. However, according to Governor Ted Strickland and Budget Director J. Pari Sabety the state will have an estimated budget deficit of more than $7 billion in the upcoming 2010 - 2011 operating budget. With this in mind, taxpayers would willingly be adding 2.8571428572% to the deficit. Further, Ohio Budget Director J. Pari Sabety writes that the total debt including interest to Ohioans would be $293.9 Million.

I contend that it is the obligation of the federal government and not the individual states to support veterans. The only exception for this would be veterans of the National Guard as opposed to members of the active duty and reserve. I also find the picking and choosing of which wars and/or conflicts are included to be biased as well. What about those who served in Iran (Operation Eagle Claw); Lebanon (Multinational Force in Lebanon); Libya (Gulf of Sidra incidents/Operation El Dorado Canyon); Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury); Persian Gulf (Operation Earnest Will); Panama (Operation Just Cause); Somalia (Operation Gothic Serpent/Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa); Bosnia and Herzegovina (Operation Deliberate Force); Kosovo (Operation Noble Anvil); Philippines (Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines); and Sahara/Sahel region of Africa (Operation Enduring Freedom - Trans Sahara) -- not to mention advisers who served in Central America in the 1980s. Why is the Ohio General Assembly purposefully excluding these veterans?

I am voting no on Issue 1.

Issue 3 -- Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Amend the Constitution to Allow for One Casino Each In Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo and Distribute to All Ohio Counties A Tax on the Casinos -- State of Ohio
I have seen the moral decay that casinos have caused across this country. Despite what the talking heads and supposed experts say I have seen with my own eyes these facilities bring about increased poverty and crime. The majority of those who choose to visit will be the same ones who spend their last dollar on a lottery ticket rather than to purchase food for their family.

It rails against my beliefs, and as such I will gladly be voting no on Issue 3.

Local Issues
Montgomery County Five Rivers Metro Parks Levy
I'll be voting yes, partly because of it replacing the existing levy of 1.8 mills, but because of the work they do with respect to conservation.

Dayton Metro Library levy
I'll be voting no because it increases taxes. If it was just replacing the current levy of 1.25 mills I would consider it, but because it includes an increase of 0.5 mill I will happily vote against this.


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