Secret Service raids home of jihadist Kent State professor Julio Pino

Posted by DarthDilbert at 7/27/2009 12:27:00 PM

Julio Pino has described himself as "the most dangerous Muslim in America." His activity on a jihadist website has now finally drawn the attention of the Secret Service.

A search of comments by students describe him as "boring and unorganized," "makes noam chomsky look patriotic," "horrible," "truly godawful," "worst teacher ever," and that he attempts to "brainwash" his students. One comment from 22 March 2004 was alarming "I swear this guy is going to turn out to be the leader of a major terrorist group, he clearly hates america and capitalism." What overwhelming endorsements. It seems we have Ohio's own Ward Churchill.

In a letter to the editor sent to KentNewsNet and published on 5 September 2008, he wrote that the nomination of Barack Hussein Obama for democRAT candidate for President was "ominous." He went on to present a list of questions in which he asked Obama to "eliminate the U.S. military bases and facilities located in 151 countries around the world," "set a date for the withdrawal of all American forces, and not just combat troops, from Iraq and Afghanistan," "dismantle what Amnesty International has called the U.S. global gulag of secret detention centers and torture chambers, starting with Guantanamo Bay," "free America's foremost political prisoners, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier," "abolish the racist death penalty," "stop using food as a weapon in international diplomacy by lifting the embargo that starves my family in Cuba and my brethren in Gaza," "end the biggest pork project in government, namely the two billion dollars a year the American taxpayer is forced to fork over to Israel," "stop the deportations of immigrants to this country, estimated at twenty million, whose only crime is that they sought a better life for their children," "pardon the 50 percent of state and federal prisoners in this country who are black - proportionally and in absolute terms, a figure greater than for South Africa - who obviously were not tried by juries of their peers," and "restore even a portion of all lands stolen by the European conquerors of America to their rightful owners, from the Native Americans to the Mexicans to the Cubans."

However, when you consult the Ohio Secretary of State's website, you find that in spite of all his bluster, he's an empty burka. In 2000, he voted in the general election in 2000, but skipped the primary. He then repeated this pattern in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Last year, he didn't bother to vote in either the primary or the general election. It's not like it's a long journey such as traveling to Mecca. In fact, it's only a 1.8 mile drive from his home on Morris Road to his polling location at the Church of the Nazarene on Summit Street taking an estimated four minutes.


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