Where is George Tiller now?

Posted by DarthDilbert at 6/03/2009 12:33:00 PM

Sunday afternoon, while waiting for the race to begin I was following the events surrounding the milling of abortionist and mass murderer George Tiller. I made a comment on Twitter at 1:07PM that said "George Tiller: Burning in Hell for the last three hours." The pro-abortion Tiller groupies were apoplectic. I received scores of emails and comments from the unhinged abortion fanatics.

A friend at Free Republic directed me to a post from 31 March 2003 which references an article from Agape Press in which Tiller not only admitted that hell "is a very real place" but that it was "a location in which he plans on spending all of eternity." On the morning of 22 January 2003 a sidewalk counselor told Tiller, "You can't go to heaven unrepentant, George; you are going to hell." He then instantly quipped, "Abortion is worth going to hell for."

The Religious Right didn't kill George Tiller


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