School's out - for good

Posted by DarthDilbert at 6/16/2009 11:29:00 AM

Research shows that home education now surpasses all other educational methods in academics, socialization and spiritual health. The number of children being homeschooled is rapidly approaching the 3 million mark as homeschool associations across the nation provide support and parents take full responsibility for their children's education.

Home education best and most completely fulfills Christ's command to spread the Gospel because it allows parents to better educate and disciple their children. Clearly the tide is turning as Christian leaders and laymen realize that through a home education centered on God's purposes, the hearts of the fathers are turned toward the children and the children back to the fathers.

Sadly, the outcry is far overdue as the spiritual carnage in the lives of public school children is strewn across America's landscape. Several studies show that up to 88 percent of these kids lose their faith by their sophomore year in college, while only 2 percent of home-educated young people abandon their faith. Tender minds taken captive by the godless humanist teaching of public schools no longer understand that absolute truth exists. Schooled in sexual deviancy, Christian children exhibit rates of promiscuity similar to their secular counterparts.

The time has come for homeschool parents to boldly, in love, share the blessings of home education with others. Too often we fear offending with the truth, but the spiritual lives of children are at stake. This is missionary work at its finest because the revival of a generation is possible. To remain silent is surely sin.

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