Dayton Tea Party responds to Dayton Daily News

Posted by DarthDilbert at 4/20/2009 05:44:00 PM

In an editorial from Sunday, Dayton Daily News writes about the Dayton Tea Party that I and over 8,000 other Americans attended. Martin Gottlieb, the author of the editorial, seems obsessed with pointing out one poll after another to demonstrate that we should bow down to Obama and accept socialism. Sorry Marty, ain't gonna happen.

This is the response from Dayton Tea Party in an email I received this morning:
In response to Sunday's Dayton Daily News editorial entitled "'Tea Parties' not the start of a revolution," we must disagree with the paper's arrogant premise.

The "revolution," as the paper labels the Dayton Tea Party, is a grassroots movement over what many view as too much wasteful government spending and lack of accountability to the taxpayers.

The Dayton Tea Party is a grassroots and nonpartisan group made up of students, homemakers, working people, professionals, and small business owners in the Dayton community. The April 15 rally was paid for by the organizers and donations from the attendees of the event that included the cost for police protection. No public or any political party funds were used to support the Dayton Tea Party.

The Dayton Daily News labels the Dayton Tea Party as anti-Obama and against the president's "bold" leadership. This could not be farther from the truth. We are anti-government spending, anti-deficits, anti-bailouts and anti-plunging the U.S. into historical debt. These are actions that both political parties have done and continue to do at all levels of government.

What the Tea Partiers understand is government is not the solution, but rather part of the problem. With the exception of the U.S. military, there is not one government program in history that is cost effective. Nor is there any government program the private sector could not run cheaper and more efficiently.

The Dayton Tea Party is a voice that is getting louder and stronger every day. We are not just talking to "ourselves" as Dayton Daily News claims. We are talking to the everyday citizens who are affected by these spending policies, the taxpayers. We are speaking up for the small business owners in the Miami Valley. We are speaking up for our children and grandchildren who will bear the burden paying for this government spending. And, we are speaking up for the creators, producers, innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who have shaped the Miami Valley and the U.S.

Who are you speaking for Dayton Daily News? What has the government ever created other than money pits and individual initiative sapping bureaucracies? Why does our government feel compelled that they can spend our money better than we can?

The Courthouse Square rally is the beginning. We plan to mobilize in our community to monitor what their local governments are doing and where exactly taxpayer monies are spent. We are educating our fellow citizens about their government's actions and encourage them to become involved in the "revolution." We advocate for small business and the free market, fiscal restraint in all levels of government, smaller government and demand respect for the U.S. Constitution.

Dayton Daily News you will be hearing from us.

-Rob Scott & Perry Reynolds
Co-Founders, Dayton Tea Party


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