Dayton Tea Party followup

Posted by DarthDilbert at 4/16/2009 12:24:00 PM

I was delighted to be one of over 6000 people to attend the Dayton Tea Party at Courthouse Square last night. The coverage by the Dayton Daily News as well as WHIO-TV was predictably biased. I was surprised by the anemic coverage of the event by WHIO-AM/FM considering they were one of the sponsors of the event. In addition, the number of tea parties across the country described by WDTN-TV was off by a couple hundred, by why should a news organization bother with meddlesome things like facts? For some reason, DDN chose to use a photo from the Cincinnati Tea Party in their article rather than one of the fifty-five photos they have available on another page. Then again, why would we expect logic from the DDN right?

I want to thank the magnificent speakers at the event: Steve Sandstrom, Kim Fletcher, Rod Yarger, Kate Burch, Ronald Houck, Harald Zieger, Greg McAfee, Seth Morgan, and Mike Wilson.

I also want to thank Perry Reynolds and Robb Scott for a terrific rally. Well done.

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Dayton Daily News
Photogang (Thanx guys for the email!)


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