Police find nude photos on phone confiscated at Sidney Ohio government school

Posted by DarthDilbert at 3/05/2009 11:39:00 PM

Police are investigating a case involving a cell phone confiscated at Mason High School with nude photos of two underage teenagers. A Mason High School teacher took the device Wednesday, Feb. 25, from a boy who was using it during class, according to Troy Nelson, school resource officer. The teacher then turned the phone over to an assistant principal, who inadvertently viewed a nude photo of a 15-year-old Mason girl, Nelson said.

"Usually, they're not going to go through the phone but message after message kept coming in, so they went to turn it off," Nelson said. "When you flipped it open to turn it off one of the images was visible right there." After the administrator turned in the phone, police found the nude image of a second 15-year-old Mason girl, Nelson said. That image was captured by the boy's phone, he said. Nelson said he is scheduled to meet with Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel Tuesday, March 3, to discuss if charges will be filed.

Here's an idea: expel them.

Reason # to homeschool.

Dayton Daily News


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