Ohio State Assistant Professor Pranav Jani defends terrorist group Hamas

Posted by DarthDilbert at 1/13/2009 03:32:00 PM

Hourglass1941: Is Hamas a terrorist organization?
Jani: [Hesitates for nearly five seconds before answering] It depends how you define terrorism.

It took this moron almost five full seconds to answer such an elementary question of whether Hamas was a terrorist organization.

I'd call him at (614) 781-1081 or pay him a visit to his home on Drumbarton Court in Columbus but I'm sure the only response I'd receive would be four words: "durka durka mohammad jihad". Do you think he would accept a gift of bacon or toilet-dipped Koran as a peace offering? What about a t-shirt?

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Update: 2 February 2009 / 1:25pm
Welcome friends of Ohio State Assistant Professor Pranav Jani. Enjoy the complementary pork rinds and bacon sandwiches. Allah fubar! BTW, remind der professor to check his email.


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