Planned Parenthood fires abortion center staffer covering up statutory rape

Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/12/2008 05:57:00 PM

The Planned Parenthood staff member in Indiana who appears in a recent undercover video covering up an alleged case of statutory rape has been fired. The video sent shockwaves throughout the nation as "Diana" didn't want more information on the abuse and told a girl how to get a secret abortion.

As originally reported, a UCLA college student engaged in an undercover video expose' that had her posing as an underage teen.

Lila Rose says she told a Planned Parenthood official she had sex with a man nearly twice her age. Despite the consent, the sexual encounter clearly violated the state's laws concerning statutory rape.

The Planned Parenthood official told Rose she didn't want to know about the age discrepancy and apparently did not report the case to authorities as required by state law.

Planned Parenthood put the staffer on unpaid suspension and announced Wednesday that she has been fired.

Will Alan Colmes come to her defense? On "Hannity and Skeletor" he was practically salivating over his love for Planned Parenthood and how they murder thousands of babies everyday.



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