Dayton stimulus request includes prostitution plan

Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/19/2008 03:33:00 PM

Rhine McLin, if you didn't expect people to look at why you are requesting federal taxpayer funds to resolve your own mismanagement, don't be surprised if Cal Thomas and others take a look at how poorly you have run Dayton. You need $1.5 million dollars for this? Here is an idea, post the pictures of both the johns and the hookers along with their contact information along with increasing the penalties on an exponential level and I assure you the $1.5 million won't be needed, and could be used elsewhere to I don't know...maybe fight Islamofascism.

What are these supposed "host of challenges" you are facing, deciding which business to usher out of Dayton first? It isn't the role of the federal government to bail your posterior out of trouble because you are such a urine-poor leader. You write in your column in the Dayton Daily News that Dayton has "had to deal with the steady decline in support from our federal government for many years." Hello! Welcome to the real world. That isn't their job.

Here is a suggestion for you: put your immense collection of hats on eBay. That alone could bring about the $1.5 million if not more.

Dayton Daily News

Update: 19 December 2008/3:56PM
Police said a Dayton man who was arrested on prostitution charges said he was just trying to make money to buy Christmas presents. Adam Payne, 24, was arrested near the corner of East Fifth Street and Wayne Avenue. He was charged with solicitation. Police said he solicited an undercover officer.

Was Adam Payne looking to buy Rhine McLin another hat for Christmas?



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