Anonymous comment about the China Arnold case

Posted by DarthDilbert at 9/07/2008 02:28:00 PM

A user from M. Shanken Communications ( who happened to be using WindowsXP at 1152x864 arrived at the site Friday morning around 10:15am. The left a comment about my post about how the jury neglected to do their duty in sentencing Arnold to death.

Seeing as how they are from New Yawk I would gather that the comments are the result of them not being on the dozen or so meds their team of psychotherapists have prescribed. They begin by saying "Only God has the right to take life away, killing does not justify another's death."

Really? I'm not a Biblical scholar, but my reading of the Word indicates to me they are mistaken. I invite them to read several passages of scripture. Deuteronomy 19:21 says, "Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot." Clear enough yet? How about Deuteronomy 19:19b which says, "You shall purge the evil from your midst"? Do you not agree that what Arnold did, and was found guilty of doing, was evil?

Next they claim that "there was no evidence that China was the actual person to put the child in the microwave". That's interesting considering that Arnold herself claimed she was responsible to a number of people. Why would she openly claim that she murdered her child if she didn't? Next the discredited witness is brought up by referring to "a 5 yr old witness who claimed a child from the neighborhood did it." Again, it's clear that the commenter from M. Shanken Communications doesn't have a strong grasp on the facts of the case seeing as how the witness' mother testified that "they lived a distance away and that her child was not at Arnold's apartment complex when the baby was murdered." It's rather difficult to commit murder when you're not there, right? Unlike Arnold, who was there, and admitted to the crime.

They then confirm they are off their meds when they claim that Arnold should "at least given credit for taking her to the hospital". OK, fine. Instead of the electric chair, we'll use a firing squad instead. Happy?

In attempt to excuse Arnold's behavior, they says that Arnold "does have 3 healthy children and attempted to save her child." How exactly did China Arnold try to "save her child"? She placed her daughter in a microwave and turned the device on which killed the baby. Russell Uptegrove testified that the burns suffered on the baby were "not consistent with those caused by scalding water, electrocution or contact with open flames. He said they were consistent with burning by microwaves." So much for Arnold supposedly trying to "save her child".

The conclude their anonymous comment by saying that they "do not find the death penalty justified in any case." Really? Have you ever worked with children in the foster care system who have been horribly abused by their birth parents? I strongly doubt it if you hold such a myopic view. I challenge you to see what these kids have suffered through then tell me if justice should be done.


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