Government schools: The new red-light district?

Posted by DarthDilbert at 1/10/2008 05:38:00 PM

If you've driven through any large city (and many smaller ones), you've probably been exposed to what's called a "red-light district." It is a seedy, run-down area of town with porn shops, bars and strip clubs – a place where anything goes. Few people would want one of these blighted areas in their backyard or want their children exposed to the filth and perversion there.

But most of us don't realize that we have a red-light district just down the street from our homes. And our children are not only allowed to be there, their presence is actually required by law. Thanks to public apathy and the efforts of misguided state and federal lawmakers, activist judges and liberal teacher's unions, our nation's schools have become the new red-light district of the 21st century.

Reason number # to homeschool.



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