Medical care for illegal immigrants at University of Texas Medical Branch

Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/06/2007 12:11:00 AM

In order to trim their budget, the University of Texas Medical Branch is considering halting cancer care to illegal immigrants. In their current budget they allocated $12 million of taxpayer funds to treat them.

Dr. Howard Brody, director of the Institute for the Medical Humanities and chair of the medical branch's ethics committee, said that if the voters in Texas don't like this idea they should "step up and provide more resources." What Dr. Brody doesn't understand is that these people have broken the law by entering our country illegally and that they should receive zero assistance whatsoever.

I like Neil Boortz's idea about using that $12 million to fly them back to Mexico. If these need a little help and are initiative-challenged, Alaska Airlines has a flight operated by American Airlines which will get them there for only $194 per person. For the mathmatically-challenged, that means that they could ship back 61,855 illegals. I doubt that the hospital has that many patients so this would enable them to send non-patients who are here illegally.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


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