"Golden Compass" receiving bad reviews

Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/09/2007 01:47:00 PM

My wife has worked as a mystery shopper for a few agencies for several years now and has been asked repeatedly to do a shop for "Golden Compass" for each of them and repeatedly declined their requests. They are in a panic because no one will accept their request to do a mystery shop for this film. The ads for it are knowingly misleading to those who are ignorant about the books and attempt to liken it to The Chronicles of Narnia. We explained to our children about the true nature of this movie and what they are attempting to do to them, other children, and adults alike. The fact that Philip Pullman, the author of Golden Compass, has been quoted saying "It is my goal to go after Christianity. I want God to be dead in my works. I want to undermine Christianity.", but is endorsed by such organizations like the National Secular Society emphasize how this film should have been called The Chronicles of Yawnia.

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You failed to mention that Philip Pullman is a militant atheist. That he absolutely loathes C.S. Lewis which makes the comparison with The Narnia Chronicles rather interesting. That he stated that he wanted to kill the concept of God in the minds of children. That supposedly Adam and Eve kill a senile God in the third book of the series that the Golden Compass is part of. While they reportedly took out the more controversial parts of the first book in the movie, it still allegedly subtlely attacks Christianity and faith. This is one movie I'm NOT going to rush out and see even though I very much like fantasy movies.

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