The ABCs of Betrayal

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The Columbus Dispatch has begun a four-day series in which they look at government schools in Ohio. They put together a database of more than 1700 "educators" who have been disciplined by the Ohio Department of Education. The records contain the type of discipline: denial, revocation or suspension of license; a written reprimand known as a "letter of admonishment"; or a "consent agreement" that requires steps to keep a valid license. I did a search and found interesting results from several of the government school districts in the greater Dayton area.

Dayton had almost forty cases which covered a broad spectrum. There were five cases of assault, four cases of domestic violence, three cases of cocaine possession, three cases of petty theft, one federal case of counterfeiting, one case of possession drug paraphernalia, one case of forgery, one case of tampering with evidence, one case of unlawful possession of food stamps coupons, and one case of using another's credit card. I'm sure Percy Mack is delighted with his stellar employees. There were two interesting cases where the the employee was allowed to keep their job having received a letter of admonishment: one for negligent assault (Sephan A. Frazier) and the other for possession of crack cocaine (Willard Howard).

In all three of Fairborn's cases, the employee received a "consent agreement": Jodi L. Chapman-Koogler (accessory to armed robbery), Christina A. Savill (negligent assault), and Renee F. Turpin (receiving stolen property). Huber Heights had three cases which resulted in the employee losing their jobs. These consisted of sexual battery (Celeste M. Emerick), sexual imposition (Elmer N. Fernandez), and inappropriate relationship w/ student (Eric A. Clark). Miamisburg had one horrible case where of sexual battery where the employee, Karlos L. Patterson, lost his job. Their only other case was of menacing where Harold R. Forsha II received a "consent agreement".

Springfield had two violent cases which only warranted another "consent agreement": Edward A. Hall (assault) and Lucretia L. Craft (resisting arrest). They had five other cases which resulted in either revocation or denial: Dawn D. Picklesmer (theft), Rachel E. Markin (domestic violence), Beverly A. Coleman (theft from autistic man), Lisa A. Hensal (attempted sexual battery), and Georgeanne Young (falsification for fraudulently submitting documents to a state agency).

Trotwood-Madison City had three cases which brought about a "consent agreement": Laurie R. Ridley (welfare fraud), Gilford L. Potter (disorderly conduct), and Ida L. Bullock-Williams (passing bad checks). Aren't these three just the type of high caliber employee that we need in government schools? Their other case involved Michael E. Miller who had their teaching license revoked for "sex offense - gross sexual imposition" in June 2000.

Finally, I found the fact that a government school employee in Yellow Springs had their teaching license for drug abuse no surprise at all.

Reason number # to homeschool.

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