Zogby Poll: Empty seats coming to a theater near you?

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/07/2007 04:35:00 PM

In a recent Zogby Interactive poll of those polled, "nearly half (45%) said that, while they still go to the movies, their movie attendance has decreased from five years ago – 27% said it is much less, and 9% said they never go to the movies anymore." This isn't surprising to me seeing as how I much rather prefer watching a movie at home.

I have written about this previously and my thoughts on the subject are still the same. I prefer to watch a movie at home because: I can use the closed captions (which don't only help those like myself with hearing problems), enjoy snacks which don't require a second mortgage, pause the movie when I need to or rewind it a bit, skip the dozens of previews and commercials which passed being out of control a long time ago, and finally relax in a comfortable chair. The biggest factor is the ability to use the closed captions which if not available make enjoying a movie next to impossible. The only thing movie theaters do to help is to crank up the volume, which then can be an annoyance to others resulting in a Catch-22. In the end, I'll be content to watching my movies at home.



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