Muslim cab driver strikes students after religious argument

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/20/2007 05:17:00 PM

Here is yet another story from a follower of the Religion of Peace. No, he didn't cut anyone's head off -- yet. Ibrahim Ahmed is a 37-year-old Sunni Muslim from Somalia. Sunday night was his third night on the job working United Cab in Nashville. That evening he picked up two college students who were visiting from Ohio. During the trip, the three got into an argument over religion. After the men paid Ahmed, he chased them in his van across the parking lot and over a curb, striking one of them. Ahmed has been charged with attempted criminal homicide.

Cherrie Machado, United Cab's office manager, claimed that company officials did not know of Ahmed's prior offenses. She shouldn't worry in that she has a future as Captain Obvious after she admitted that they "we need to work on our policy. We've not had a situation like this before. We want to keep our drivers safe and our passengers safe - that's our policy." Really? You mean that your Muslim cab drivers aren't supposed to run down their customers? She added that "We may just need to do some further screening on our own instead of depending on the licensing board." You think?

It should come as no surprise that the moonbats over at NewsHounds came to Ahmed's defense.

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