How to stop the cheating in NASCAR

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/14/2007 12:51:00 PM

Terry Blount makes it crystal clear, "There is only one way to stop the cheaters: Kick them out of a race." Absolutely 100% correct. Up until now there have been financial penalties, points penalties (for owners and drivers), and suspensions, but the only method that made any difference was to kick the offender(s) from the race. Imagine the fallout at the Board of Directors with Dodge, Valvoline, DeWalt, or NAPA if they were to learn that the car bearing their logos is kicked out of the Daytona 500, or whatever race it might be. They don't exactly spend untold millions of dollars just to have their car kicked out. This would curb the cheating quickly.

Think about it - the negative images and video that would be shown over and over again on the web and on TV would not exactly be flattering to the respective companies. Each time the #55 NAPA Toyota is shown it will be tied in with them being caught with "oil" in the manifold. Jayski's page has this: "sources say the #55 team and Waltrip may be ejected." Rewind to Daytona last year where the executives at Lowe's weren't exactly doing handstands when the #48 teams was busted. The negative attention that was brought about was difficult to overcome, even with Johnson winning the race - the subject was still in the forefront.



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