The Hildabeast failed to list her "charity" on Senate disclosure forms

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/27/2007 10:57:00 PM

The Hildabeast and Slick Willie "have operated a family charity since 2001, but she failed to list it on annual Senate financial disclosure reports on five occasions. The Ethics in Government Act requires members of Congress to disclose positions they hold with any outside entity, including nonprofit foundations. Hillary Clinton has served her family foundation as treasurer and secretary since it was established in December 2001, but none of her ethics reports since then have disclosed that fact."
The Attorney General may bring a civil action in any appropriate United States district court against any individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies or who knowingly and willfully fails to file or report any information that such individual is required to report pursuant to section 102. The court in which such action is brought may assess against such individual a civil penalty in any amount, not to exceed $10,000. - Ethics in Government Act

Ok then, when will Alberto Gonzales file charges?

Washington Post


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