Flashback: Shameful day in the Senate

Posted by DarthDilbert at 2/18/2007 12:47:00 PM

In 1970 the Senate passed legislation sponsored by Senators John Sherman Cooper and (Republican - Kentucky) and Frank Church (democRAT - Idaho) which restricted funding for operations in Cambodia. In addition it handcuffed President Nixon from sending more troops to Vietnam and "limited the President’s war powers through the budgetary process with a trio of stipulations: ending funding for U.S. troops and advisers in Cambodia and Laos after 30 June; banned combat operations over Cambodian airspace to support Cambodian forces without prior congressional approval, and cut funding to support Southern Vietnamese forces stationed outside of Vietnam. Doesn't this sound exactly what the democRATs and RINOs are wanting to do today?

The result of those actions was a Communist takeover of Indochina, and over four million were killed by the Khmer Rouge communist regime in Cambodia. The democRATs saw this as a victory. How many millions will be killed in Iraq after the democRATs wave the flag of surrender and fully abandon our military in Iraq? How soon before their spilled blood is seen by the democRATs as another victory?

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