The Madrassian Candidate

Posted by DarthDilbert at 1/22/2007 02:10:00 PM

Crossposted from America's Victory '08:
One of the latest democRATs to announce they’re formed an exploratory committee to consider running for President is Barack Hussein Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois. If not for his schooling in a Madrassa, Barack Obama would best be described as the Seinfeld Candidate. Why? Because he can speak endlessly and still not say anything. He is the candidate about - nothing. After he has spoken to a crowd you sit there wondering exactly what was said or what the purpose was. The moonbats could care less though, they are too engrossed by those making comparisons between Obama and JFK. Jerry Seinfeld and his wife should forget donating their money to Hillary and send it off to Osama - whoops, I meant Obama. Seriously, I would be offended if I were Obama. How would you feel to be associated with someone who habitually cheated on his wife, was soft on Communism, and had recurring cases of VD? Most reasonable folks would be insulted to say the least, but ask your average moonbat and they consider this a compliment. Obama himself in a 28 June 2006 speech flinched at the insinuation by Alan Keyes that liberals are “immoral and godless.” The truth must hurt in that both descriptions are as true as can be. Even a cursory look at how liberals mock religion, and applaud adultery prove this easily.

The problem is that he was a student in a madrassa. A place where young Muslims are indoctrinated in anti-Semitism among other subjects. Madrassas were where many of the Taliban were educated. I shouldn’t ask if they too should be considered for the office Obama aspires to as many on the left would delight at such an opportunity. It wasn’t like we were not warned about Obama. In a 11 September 2004 column, Hans Zeiger described Obama’s true Socialist nature and described him as “one of the most dangerous men in America.” He followed this up by saying that, “There is hardly a question that Obama has his eyes set on the White House, some say as early as 2008."

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