Shilling for the ladder business

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The border between the United States and Mexico spans four states covering 1,951 miles. The length along Texas represents 1,254 miles (64.27%) of that. Texas Governor Rick Perry who strongly campaigned on the issue of border security told a gathering of border mayors that "Building a wall on the entire border is a preposterous idea. The only thing a wall would possibly accomplish is to help the ladder business." This is someone who on his campaign website is quoted as saying "There can be no Homeland Security without border security. If the Federal Government won’t act to protect the Texas border, I will." What exactly are you going to do then Governor?

He states that during the past election campaigns were "very light on comprehensive solutions." Really? He must have missed the multitude of published columns advocating strong border security emphasizing the need for a fence. I would strongly suggest that Perry look into the success that the Israelis have had with their fences with the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since their introduction, illegal incursions have been reduced dramatically, and there has been an almost absolute halt in terrorist activities. In addition, GDP in the West Bank has increased during the last three years where it had been declining before the fence was constructed. If the Israelis gave a clear understanding about protecting their sovereignty, and have implemented a comprehensive solution, Governor, why is it that hard for you to understand?

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is now in the same boat with Perry saying "The fence is very unpopular on the border in Texas and New Mexico, in Chihuahua. So one of the most significant and constructive acts the U.S. Congress should take is to get rid of it." What lead to this comment of his? Why it originated after he met with "leaders from the Mexican state of Chihuahua."

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