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Posted by DarthDilbert at 12/28/2006 09:07:00 AM

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I initially contacted TimeWarner Cable [(937) 294-6400] and after explaining the issue to them I was forwarded to CNN. TimeWarner Cable's only method to contact CNN was through their website. I called CNN [(404) 827-1500] and was told that all they could do was to take down my information where a supervisor would call me back.

The segment in question is being sponsored by Chase Bank. I called them for their comment at (212) 270-6000 and was first told by an assistant from their CEO's office that I was incorrect in that they were not sponsoring the segment. I then offered to place them on speaker and queue up the segment, which she agreed to. It said, "This CNN On Demand program is brought to you by Chase. The Chase Freedom credit card - feel free to switch from cash to points and back again without losing a thing." It then begins this Chase commercial immediately before the sniper video CNN obtained from the Islamic Army of Iraq. She then changed gears and asked for my name and telephone number where they could contact me back after they have looked into this further.

I've not heard back from either CNN or Chase but will update this when or if they do. Note from the second image that TimeWarner Cable describes the segment as a "Family" program type.

Update [28 December 2006 / 9:20AM]:
A few minutes ago, Nick from their corporate communications office called back and advised that they "do not endorse the content" and "only sponsor the channel itself." However, the commercial does remain associated with the sniper video segment.

Update [28 December 2006 / 12:19PM]:
I want to welcome all those visitors from Michelle Malkin. I have still not received any response from CNN or TimeWarner Cable.

Update [29 December 2006 / 4:37AM]:
I want to also welcome the visitors from BizzyBlog (Thanks Tom!), The Jawa Report, Memeorandum, Little Green Footballs, Fark, Wake up America. as well as several dozen military and government locations.

In addition, I want to thank you all so very much for your comments, suggestions, and words of support. It means more than I can put into words. I stumbled across this not knowing that we had this channel available. I had initially went to channel 1212 (Kids on Demand) to see what programs were there. My kids love to watch Boomerang and I saw that there were three shows there available: Yogi Bear, Smurfs, and the Flintstones. I kept this in the back of my mind so next time they were to watch TV, I would ask if they wanted to see any of those shows. I then scrolled up to see what other channels were available when I stumbled across this.

I don't know what type of result all of this will have with Chase, but judging from the number of emails I've received, they will be losing scores of customers soon if not already. When I checked again only a few minutes ago, the segment is still available on channel 1203, and remains sponsored by Chase. I won't waste the hours of time in calling back Chase and CNN as I did with PeoplePC. Their actions speak for themselves. I did not receive any response whatsoever from CNN to explain their actions as was promised. Their absolute lack of respect for the American soldier and his/her family is evident.

Update [29 December 2006 / 4:56AM]:

I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, but I want to thank Patrick Ishmael at The News Buckit for spotting this. CNN is memorializing a marine as it simultaneously trades on his blood. Marine Corporal Joshua D. Pickard, Merced, California was killed on 19 December 2006 while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. He was assigned to 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Department of Defense Press Release

Update [29 December 2006 / 9:12PM]:
Welcome additional visitors from Bill's Bites, Gateway Pundit, Tammy Bruce, Webloggin, Florida Masochist, 186K Per Second, and Digg.

Update [17 June 2007 / 7:44PM]:
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I expect it from CNN, but Chase too?
We should contact all parties involved, CNN, time Warner and Chase to express our disgust with this. and don't let them off the hook by saying that they don't spnsor the content.
What a cop out from Chase.
Nothing new from CNN. It's unlikely anything major will come of this. More than likely, CNN's looking for a low-level scapegoat to fire and a run-around story to muddle the issue, just like they did back in 2004 when President Bush won re-election and pics of him with insulting file names were posted on their website (see here, here, and here.)
It seems I'll be spending today on the phone being very unhappy with CNN...
Contact your local Chase Bank, too. They will put preesure on corporate.

Just stop watching CNN--hardly anyone does, anyway.
Maybe if we're lucky, CNN, with the sponsorship of Chase Bank will show Saddam being hanged. It would be a prettier sight than watching bound people thrown from buildings or shot in the head, those who were gassed, the mass graves, the shot animals at the Kuwait zoo, the oil fires and oil spill in the gulf. Go for it CNN and Chase.
Just another bit of customer feedback to any CNN or Chase executive that may be monitoring here.

This makes my pending "buy Times Warner cable vs continue satellite" media consumer decision very easy.

Calling Dish Network now, and making sure I get the Fox news bundle.

BTW, I was a long-time consumer of CNN, since subcribing to cable specifically to get CNN coverage of the first Gulf War, until dropping CNN in disgust after first Eason Jordan admission of self-selection of news content favorable to the Ministry of Information.

CNN has become a pariah in the world of wise news consumers, and anything that touches it or is associated in any way with that "brand" is discredited as well.

Webmaster, I await your update on Chase's response with keen interest.

Chase - At year end its time to trim some of the accounts and with so many choices, a simple ethical consideration like this makes that decision easy too.
Tremendous catch, and nice work.
What more would you expect from the 'communist news network'?
It's amazing to think that someone actually sat down and took the time to put this video in the list of videos for sale. Who in their right mind thought this was appropriate to offer?
I would imagine that from the Chase perspective, the machinations for getting this fixed on their end are probably in motion.

CNN is something far different. Between this and calling nearly all (non-minority) Americans racists, the shock value of bad CNN reporting and agenda-setting has been considerably eroded in recent years. That the bad reporting is "on demand" now is an extension of TV technology, but it's first and foremost a byproduct of a mainstream press with its priorities out of order.
Thank you ROTC and MM for bringing this to my attention. I'm cutting my Chase CC in half as we speak. I will call and cancle my account, and let them know why in a moment.
Yeah, I can't see how advertising on CNN could be all that profitable...

I mean, they would have to have viewers first, though I suppose it could be worse...

They could be advertising on MSNBC...
I canceled my TimeWarner cable before I ever learned about this! Just knowing that they are the parent company for aol was enough for me. Gee! I'm smarter than I thought!
One more reason to add to my list of reasons not to use CNN for anything.
This is just another example of what we conservatives are fighting here in the US. Wonderful catch.

Right Truth
The dubious quality of CNN has been in the limelight for years now. I would encourage anybody in the US to spread the word as to the true nature of the "news" media. It sounds like they're more interested in shock value and attracting advertising dollars than in bringing real news to television.
What they should have done,instead of airing it,was to turn it over to the DOD as a valuable scource to counter thier methods.
Email address for JP Morgan Chase Chairman William B. Harrison: william.b.harrison@jpmchase.com
I'm not a conservative. I don't really call myself anything. However, this doesn't surprise me. CNN reports on cats being stuck in trees, so obviously they are desperate for attention. I think of CNN as a pissed off teenager, they are willing to do or show anything to get any sort of reaction, good or bad. As it is written so many times: “it's not news, it's CNN.”
The best way to deal with both of these teasonous companies is to make sure that you and everyone you know dumps any and all stock of both companies and any intstitutional investors in these immoral organizations-hit them where it hurts. They'll ignore individual complaints but they can't ignore the shareholders.
It doesn't amaze me in the least bit that Chase is the "sponsor" of something like this. I learned a long time ago that they are nothing but a corporate monster that doesn't care for the average human being. I now see that the the news can be bought and sold for the right price.
I HATE the liberal media!

They are such jerks!! Why do they keep putting out stuff like these documentaries?!? When are they going to do a documentary about all the GOOD things going on in Iraq?

The liberal media is basically a terrorist organization. I have a whole section on my site dedicated to them:

LiberalsMustDie.com : The Liberal Media.
I wasn't suprised to learn of Chase's latest act to promote liberalism. I decided to cancel my account when I was flipping through the channels one day and saw that Michael Moore's docuslander "bowling for Columbine" was on and the segment was sponsored by Chase. In the future I'll get one of their cards again the next time they offer me 18 months no interest and pay it off before it ends. No profit from me!!!

Also, if you get one of their applications in the mail and don't want to use their money for free, send them back some other junk mail in the postage prepaid return envelope. I usually send them my PETA solicitations.
I live in a town that is on the map because of the military. My husband is a US Army Paratrooper and has been to Iraq twice. We were both disgusted when we saw this and have also contacted all companies involved. I hope we can get this awful video removed. I will also be emailing everyone I know about this. Keep up the good work
I find your blog rather helpful, since it has something to do with the Chase. On the www.pissedconsumer.com I found plenty of complaints in the address of the bank and now I doubt whether I should deal with it. The clients are not satisfied. This means the services and conditions are far from being perfect. The financial institutions are all about making profits of their own and they do not care about the customers.

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