Louisiana teacher recommends explicit book to sixth graders

Posted by DarthDilbert at 10/29/2006 12:09:00 AM

A social studies teacher at Baker Middle School in Baker, Louisiana suggested that the students in their class read "a novel filled with sexually explicit scenes -- including men having sex together." The author of the book in question B-Boy Blues, James Earl Hardy, is described as "an author and journalist dedicated to telling the stories of black men who love black men." It's no surprise then that this was endorsed by someone from the puhbik skool system - read the review for it at Amazon and see for yourself.

School Superintendent Lester Klotz claims that he met with the teacher and advised them that the book "was not material related to the course she was assigned and therefore should not be introduced to the students as assigned literature." Superintendent Klotz will not take any more action "because the teacher did not violate any policy of the system that would require disciplinary action." Right.

Reason number # to homeschool.



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