Dayton Daily News endorses Rhine McLin for Dayton Mayor

Posted by DarthDilbert at 10/20/2009 05:03:00 PM

Just the other day, I was wondering where Ted Kennedy's liquor shipments are now being delivered now that The Swimmer has assumed room temperature and is taking his eternal dirt nap south of Hades. I never knew that Ellen Belcher was such a big fan of Chivas Regal. How exactly does the DDN endorse McLin?

They say that she "isn't a natural spokesperson," "is not an initiator or a born leader," "more suited for service in the legislature," and "mostly unimpressive." Wow! What a ringing endorsement if ever there was one. DDN claims McLin "has shown excellent judgment" when she hired City Manager Jim Dinneen. Excellent judgement? In June 2005, Dinneen blamed Dayton's woes on the surrounding cities of Oakwood, West Carrollton, Kettering, Riverside, Moraine, Vandalia and Trotwood. Blaming others for your own misjudgement? Excellent? Maybe if Montgomery Burns is on the DDN's editorial staff.

After illustrating one failure after another about McLin, they turn to her opponent Gary Leitzell. They attempt to discredit him claiming "there is a disconnect between him and the real-world problems of a city hall" while ignoring the bizarre behavior and comments that have embodied McLin. While

Leitzell hasn't been heard wanting to "leverage the talentability" of Dayton's youth, his opponent has now been heard wanting to "icubate businesses" [22:20]. displaying her gastroenterological qualifications [24:15]. or offering such gems like this: "We're using the things like called technology. One of the things is like the radio is uhm like the photography cameras that we have at our intersections" [36:51]. The next time you want to know why Dayton Government Schools are in the state of decay it might be that she only meets with the Board of Education four times a year [46:17], and then can't remember their name "Dayton Board of a School Board of Education" [47:48].

In addition, while they point to Leitzell's job as a negative attribute to his goal of being mayor, they ignore the job that McLin once had. With one company after another leaving Dayton and the city on prolonged life support about to assume room temperature, her background as a licensed funeral director and embalmer for McLin Funeral Home will serve her well as Dayton's Mortician-In-Chief uhm Mayor, that is. Residents of Dayton should cast their vote for Gary Leitzell who is clearly the logical choice for Dayton. How much longer will Mahatma McLin parade around during her walks around downtown ignoring the burning city around her as she sighs "Fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow is another day"?

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