Abortion Doctor George Tiller is dead

Posted by DarthDilbert at 5/31/2009 04:19:00 PM


First and foremost, I wish that those on the left who support the practice of murdering babies with government permission would understand that unborn babies are the most innocent among us. I wasn't surprised then to read the comments of those who support exterminating the lives of those innocents. There were some who felt bad for Tiller's family, and yet cheered on this butcher who murdered babies. Do they feel any sympathy for the lives of those children who were killed? Didn't think so. There were some who not only regarded this animal as a "hero", but bizarrely made the claim that he "helped save many womens lives". When I hear the word "hero", someone who is an advocate for abortion is at the bottom of the list. When I think of someone who saves a life, I think of a fireman or police officer; someone who practices partial-birth abortion snuffs out life. There were those who inquired about "candlelight services" for Tiller yet never spend a nanosecond mourning for the millions of deaths since 1973. I had to laugh out ouf when I read how a "community organizer" wrote how he had contacted the Lawrence Kansas police about a vigil for Tiller and had earlier used the opportunity as a fundraiser for the Kansas chapter of NOW. The New York Abortion Access Fund asked "How can we be honor his work and life?" Here is an idea: have one cross displayed for every baby that this monster murdered. These were but a mere fraction of the love fest taking place amongst the moonbats who are sad to hear of the news about Tiller.

As for me, I'm not alone in believing that he has been burning in Hell for the last almost six and a half hours.

My friend Gribbit put it best: "... Cause of death? A REALLY LATE TERM ABORTION."



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